The Beginning.

Hello World!

I did put a lot of thought in what I should include in my very first blog. To be honest I discarded whatever I thought previously. I have learned spontaneous, random pieces of writing are much more fun to read then the well thought, planned pieces. Well that’s just me.

So, if you are thinking of pressing that unholy cross on the top right corner of your web browser, then STOP!

 Because this blog is different.

This is the place to find the most random,amusing posts from all aspects of life. I plan to not only cover the daily life of a not so average teenager but also stuff covering many different topics and activities and experiments that you can gratify yourself with, participate in and subsequently enjoy the infinite pleasures of Life.

Who am I?

Well they do call me Irfan and if you are wondering as to why my blog address is turtleneckandchains, then you just have to search The Lonely Island for that matter. Change is my best friend. I love to change and try every possible new activity/attribute every now and then.

Welcome to the world of awesomeness. Are you ready?


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