Welcome to the Suck

It’s a shame how innovative and energetic teenagers are treated with such meagerness around here. Today was one of those days when I saw for myself how pathetically the hierarchy of these sufficiently “big directors” work out.

The realization came gradually in the time span of 8am to 2pm today when my friend and I visited the PIMS Hospital in Islamabad to get permission for a community service project that my organization wanted to conduct with the Thalassemia patients at the children’s ward of the hospital. Following is the list of obstacles that we had to overcome to reach our destination, being diverted more times we could have counted to many different entities:

Our reference send us to the Joint Executive Director (JED) of Children Hospital who send us to the Executive Director who send us to his Deputy who send us to this creepy looking lady in the wards who send us back to the JED who in turn send us to JED-IH (don’t know what the hell that stands for), who clearly thought of us as ruthless “kids” without a sense of professionalism, and send us to this lady doctor who took us to a classy looking doctor and finally SUCCESS.

Not to mention the countless minutes we had to wait for each meeting, the re-applications we had to submit and how our proposal of the project was reduced to 1/4th of its original potential. Such is life.


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