A Forgotten Soul

The world tormented, my eyes watery. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t. These ambivalent feelings will tear me apart. Take the mere concept of cognitive reasoning away from me. Leave me shattered and despondent. Isolated, as if I’m the jester and you the King. Let me control what I have. Let me be my own mentor.

But wait!

Do I really need guidance? The most notable personalities needed some form of pathways to follow. Some prerequisites to acquire before embarking upon the quest that now bear their names in our minds. Thinking straight is not an option here. Yes. I will have to go for the road less chosen. I will have to take the risk. For I am not worthy of what I have. And not deserving of what I will get. So it is time. Time to give it back to the world. So it is decided. My grave shall be engraved:

“The man who lived the life of a dreamer but forgot to cherish his own mere existence”


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