Distant Calling

“It’s been a while since my last post” are the exact same words I have been trying to avoid since the inception of this blog. But as inevitable as it seems, Organic Chemistry and Double Slit Experiments has forced me to stay away from my lousy 256 MB RAM computer and not write as regularly as I had hope to.

I am not the study type. Studying has never been my forte. I look around and see kids pulling their eyes out over studies. I see parents not letting their kids watch the El Classico over studies.

Being a Pakistani, I refuse to adhere to these traditions that studies will define your life. Upon asked as to why he studies so much, a friend answered that he want to be succesful in life and advised me to do the same. When will people realize that learning all the words in the book will not make you successful but doing things your own way will. Success is different for different people.On this thought another friend asked me the so-called “extremely” important question: What is success to you?

I’ve never tried to be successful. Damn I’ve never even set any goals. Since my childhood I’ve been told by many to set your goals, to perceive your future and to have a plan. But me, I don’t have a plan. Opportunities kind have a little crush on me. They find me no matter what. Living in the moment is what has led me to places like Taipei and Los Angeles without bothering my guardians financially.

The day we learn to live in the moment is the day we will achieve what the monks call “Eternal Happiness”. I am already there. Are you? 


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