Summer Plans

The first and foremost thing I am going to do right after my last exam (June 14th) is take a vow to blog every single day. As of now I wouldn’t even rate my writing as an Average. It is pathetic. Over the last few years I’ve grown this certain kind of addiction to reading other’s blogs. I have observed how my own very good friends grown into such remarkable writers. Their blogs are famous globally as of now but a few years back I was one of the few people contributing to their monthly blog views. So it is decided. Project Blog Every Day will start this summer. No matter what, I will write everyday!

One of the major events this summer would be going to a Summer School somewhere around the world. For those of you unfamiliar with summer school, I should familiarize you that it is about a month’s program that universities in Europe and America offer to high school students around the world so that they can experience university life beforehand. This year I got in at New York University Summer School and Oxbridge Academic Summer School, both on partial scholarship. But it seems likely I am going to Germany this summer on full scholarship to a Youth Teen camp to enhance my German language skills. As it is not confirmed yet, details are to be uploaded soon.

And what else has summer in store for me? Well as to not contradict my last post, I would like to not plan out my whole summer even though I do have some pretty important stuff that will be going on. I plan to get some sort of internship and write a research paper on International Relations under the supervision of a university professor. And of course, the SAT and college applications are there, smirking at me from the far corners of August.

I finally got a new phone: Sony Ericsson Live Walkman. It’s the best phone out there for this price, RS.17,500. Finally I can tweet on the go through Twicca for Android. Life is so much easier.


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