Peaceful Misery (re-blog)

One of my best friends, Hamza, is a remarkable writer. Rather young in this business, in months he became one of my favorite authors. For some unknown reasons (mainly because he uses the sucky blogspot), he’s not being noticed as much as he deserves. Below is a re-blog of a short excerpt he wrote last week. I think it’s amazing how he writes. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments as it can really help my friend.

“Within the colors of my dreams, I feel the soft grace of your feminine presence. A presence that gave my existence an unusual joy. This slight intoxication I sense in the air once around your innate aura. Neither I nor you can understand the complexity of this juncture present between us. This blossoming of my feelings with the gentle graze of a crisp wind that blows through my soul, brushing it with your warmth. Your warmth that brings about a trance as I ascend to a cosmic island, far away, frosted in shimmering haze. My inner cadence booms as your name rhythmically jumps from my tongue and soars in the air. Here, where your delicate ambiance is the incognito to my despair. And in all these deep colors, these overflowing sentiments, I feel the soft grace of your feminine presence. And its because I want you around me, to mark the presence of my entity, I’ll close my eyes and let your steps be my guide because I have spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly for you tread on my dreams.”

For more pay his blog a visit:


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