Extinction Level Event and you survive out in Space

So yesterday, oddly enough, while taking  a shower it occured to me that so far I haven’t read a certain type of space related story. That is in which an extinction level event happens on the Earth but a few astronauts out in space survives. As the idea swarmed through my head, I quickly jumped out of the shower and jotted some points down. The main idea of the story that I want to write is that the story will be from the point of view of a team of astronauts who witness everyone on Earth die from their space ship and how they themselves contemplate and handle the situation. Its just a rough ideas so a lot of room for addition. If you know a story/novel based on this idea, please let me know in the comment section below. I will be grateful forever.


Bye Bye Earth


2 thoughts on “Extinction Level Event and you survive out in Space

  1. Check out the Remnants series. its first book is all about an asteroid hitting the earth. And the view from space as its destroyed. The whole series is interesting.

  2. Who were all those people to ask me to stagger under the weight of so many dreams? All that striving laughing growing crying sweating screaming smiling life, gone in an instant. It eventually became my gravity, that heaving humanity, the only fixed point my mind could settle on, a sea anchor in a field of stars.

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