Review (iFFY the Bad Man)


Most of my TV time is spend watching Channel V Korea. I’ve always admired this channel for its originality and quality, regardless of my lust for cute, short, white-skinned Korean women. So one of these days I stumbled upon this song by a young fellow who had tattoos on his neck! Immediately my fingers had the urge to change the channel but my ears told them not to. The guy had a genuinely good singing voice.

Later I found out his name was iFFY the Bad Man and the song was entitled “Do You”. As iffy as this guy might sound like (Yes! I just pulled a same name,same adjective for the first time ever), he is really good. The song is not my type at all but it did turned my head, enough to make me google the lyrics later on. I think it’s kind of ironic that the song got only just over 100k hits on YouTube. I mean come on; Jason Segel got more and he doesn’t even have a producer! The video is pretty decent and well produced. And for all those droolers out there, the girl is pretty hot.

Give this a listen and spread the word. The young lad from Harlem, NY can really use some popularity. At least enough to give him his own Wiki page.