Gute zum Geburtstag


I woke up with a deep abysmal feeling right there in the pit of my stomach. The thought of the big day finally arriving here gave me the chills. Even as I got out of bed, my lips were constantly repeating the words I was supposed to deliver at the opening address earlier today at the launching of my new Magazine’s Editorial Team in my college. Being the founder and the Chief Editor can be hectic but I wish I could have seen the merriment of my face when a hefty number of people showed up for the launch, way more then I had expected. The launching ceremony went better than I could have ever imagined and I successfully opened the window for something that might turn out to be the game changer.

And the day just got better and better with every passing hour. Soon after I got the call that I was chosen as the President of Publicity and Public relations at our college’s debating society. For those who don’t know what the job is, worry not. It doesn’t really matter but you ought to know that the selection process was a protracted one and the responsibility is greater accordingly.

But what was the spark of the day?

Bigger than the launching of the Magazine you ask?

I can really use a DSLR right now. Anyone wanna buy me one?

Affirmative. It was around 1 o’clock when my German teacher took us out to a fancy Italian Restaurant for his birthday. Now the exilirating part of the birthday treat was not the event itself but  an item of food. Yes it sounds cliché, but food was the main article of interest at today’s event. Today, after years I ate a Meal worth commemorating. At a posh restaurant like this, you wonder maybe even the water costs around a hundred rupees but to our blissfulness we got off lucky:

A Chicken Cheese Grilled Burger, 2 pieces of garlic bread, a plate of salad, French fries and a regular drink.
All of this for an amazingly economical price of Rs. 135.

Yes! You read right. For that cheap, all of this at an elegant Italian Restaurant. I highly recommend everyone to visit this restaurant at Main Mall, DHA-1 Rawalpindi. The name is Milano Nights Italian Steakhouse.

And for the sake of your curiosity, Gute zum Geburtstag means Happy Birthday in the German Language.

My friend Asfand, German teacher and me