Hate Alarm Clocks?


A couple months ago I stumbled upon an excerpt from the daily diaries of blogger Seth Simonds who shared his experience of a succesfull sleep hack.


Under forced circumstances (which involved a new house and low cash), Seth had to sleep on a wooden bed without any sort of bedding; just the bare naked surface of the cold wooden plank and a blanket. The bed was unwelcoming and uncomfortable for a hedonist like Seth which led him getting out of bed early in the morning. The next day instead of buying a mattress, Seth actually kept this routine and after a few weeks mastered the ability of waking right on time without an alarm clock every morning.

As per request of Seth to his followers, I also started sleeping without any bedding and soon after few days a change was seen. Now it did not help me wake up without an alarm clock every single morning, but surprisingly it drastically reduced the early morning back pain I had to go through previously. It enabled me to sleep anywhere (yes even on the cold,concrete floor) whenever I am out traveling and the adrenaline of trying something new was quite something. 65 days in and I’m still bedding-sober.

Doesn't seem so welcoming. Does it?

Taken from the original Seth Simonds blog, here are the instructions to someone who would like to try this small experiment. Do give it a try, who knows you might be the next Chuck Norris of Sleep Hacks!

Step 1: Treat your bed like a recharging station.

Get rid of the temptation to treat your bed like anything other than a recharging station. You won’t need books by your bed. You won’t need fancy pillows. Your bed is a place to help you get from wake to wake in as little time as possible with optimum rest.

Step 2: Get rid of your bedding

If you’re really, really tough you can just fold all your bedding up and put it in another room. Chances are good that you’ll give up and drag you bedding back in the middle of the night if you can though. I recommend giving your bedding to a local homeless shelter or, if it’s really ratty, throwing it out.

Step 3: Try it for at least 7 days

One night won’t work. You need to give yourself time to get used to this lean way of sleeping. If you wake up at midnight and feel cold, don’t grab a blanket. Throw on a sweatshirt instead. Most of us live in climate controlled housing so there’s really no excuse for all the bedding we tend to heap on ourselves.